Request Service

Business Procedures

One stop convergence service is provided from the reception throught the transmission.

1. Preliminary consultation and advising

Preliminary consultation on and off line

2. Request for appraisal service and receiption

Reception of the appraisal request form and accompanying documents

3. Task assignment

Assignment of tasks to the responsible team by location and appraisal purpose

4. Business plan development

Review of all documents on the appraisal property Development of investigation plan

5. On site inspection

On site inspection of the appraisal property Inspection of all types of rights Collection of individual data on other appraisal subject matters

6. Data collection and analysis

Collection of electronic data such as all types of the precedents, among others Analysis of the collected data and determination of the applicability

7. Price calculation and preparation

Selection and application of the appraisal method Price calculation and review of the propriety Price determination and the preparation of appraisal form

8. Review by the Appraisal Review Committee

Review and price determination by the Review Committee Issuance of the review certificates on the appraisal

9. Transmission

Transmission of the appraisal certificates to the requesting institutions

10. Ex post services

Verification of the transmission Provision of the continued ex post services

The Appraisal Review Committee is operated to provide information that is trustworthy.

The Appraisal Review Committee is a system operated by the First Appraisal & Consulting Company to provide the customers with the appraisal review reports that are even more trustworthy by reviewing all details in pertinence to the appraisal review reports and by deliberating on the propriety of the prices. Reviews are performed on each and every appraisal report by the head and branch offices, and the review certificates are issued only for the appraisal reports approved following the reviews under certain standards.

Advance Review System is operated for special properties to ensure effective risk management.

Given the increasing external risks against special properties such as intangible assets, we have been operating an advance review team specializing in special properties to ensure precision of the reviews performed and systematic management. Equally stringent in quality as with other review procedures, special properties undergo the reviews of the advance review team and review committees to reach the reviews and determination of the Appraisal Review Committee.