Intangible Assets

An intangible asset is a fixed asset which does not have a physical form, yet which may be expected to have certain management benefits in the future due to its value as an asset. While there is no substance as an asset, it is increasingly recognized as a legal or factual right in recent years, and the First Appraisal & Consulting Company has the top of the line expertise and know-how in the fields of intellectual property and non listed stock valuations such as good will and trademark rights, among others.

Good will

Goodwill refers to the capability of a subject company to have an exclusive for profit opportunities to derive greater profits in excess relative to other competing companies of the same industry. Valaution is performed on the economimc value of the good will.

Intellectual property rights

Valuation is performed on the economic value of the rights that are almost equivalent to the property rights granted to the intellectual creations and their products such as patents, copyrights, utility model rights, trademark rights, design rights, and service mark rights, among others.

Non listed stocks

It means the value of equity capital calculated from subtracting the debt value from the corporate value against the number of the issued shares. Valuation is performed on the transaction cases, revenue data, and the market data, among others.

Corporate valuation

Valuation is performed on the corporate value based on the corporate mergers and acquisitions, divisions of business units, and transfer of business, among others. The corporations’ free cash flows are analyzed and discounted as the present value.

Other rights

Valuation is performed on all types of intangible rights such as the premium, securities (stocks and bonds), fisheries rights, and the mining rights, among others.

Major Performance Achievements and Partnering Businesses

Name of CustomerName of Service
ShinsegaeValuation of non-listed stocks
Hanjin ShippinValuation of the overseas trademark rights
CJ Cheil JedangValuation of the Internet business unit (intangible asset) of CJ Onmart
KolonBrand consulting for Kolon Group and valuation of the royalty
Meritz Financial HoldingValuation of the brand royalty and rates
Mirae Asset Life Insurance and Mirae Asset SecuritiesValuation of the brand royalty and rates
Amore PacificValuation of premium
OrionValuation of brand royalty
ELand WorldValuation of trademark rights in Korea and China
Toshiba Electronics KoreaValuation of good will
Nexon GTValuation of copyrights and trademark rights
Dae-a IndustrialValuation of intellectual property rights
Fine PartnersValuation of general transactions of stocks, among the receivables
CJ Hello VisionValuation of the TV business unit's good will and intangible assets