Special Appraisal

The appraisals must be performed based on the special nature of the subject properties for appraisal, and the appraisals of the use of the subject properties, profitability, and other limitations and specific matters by property are assessed accurately and objectively. The First Appraisal & Consulting Company has the best expertise and know-how in the industry in appraising the golf courses, large scale hotels, department stores and large scale discount warehouses, among others.

Special purpose real estate property

Appraisal is performed on the real estate properties of special purposes such as golf courses, hotels, department stores, and large scale discount warehouses, among others, in consideration of the use of the properties, profitability and their special nature. The First Appraisal & Consulting Company has a great wealth of the market analysis data and the valuation know-how through various relevant experiences across special types of real estate properties, and provides the customers with professional insights on the sales, lease, and securitization of the special real estate properties.

Value added tax / lease payment

We are contributing to the reasonable calculation of the value added taxes by presenting the appropriate pro rated land to building ratios concerning the value added taxes imposed on the commercial real estate properties or the residential real estate properties over a certain scale. We calculate appropriate lease payments for the leased properties of all types, thereby contributing what we can in the real estate lease market as a standard provider.

Individual real estate property

Appraisal is performed on the construction machineries, automotives, aircrafts, and ships while considering the unique nature of the properties, further to the cost data and the market comparisons.

Major Performance Achievements and Partnering Businesses

Name of CustomerName of Service
Daewoo Songdo HotelAppraisal of Daewoo Songdo Hotel
Mirae Asset Global InvestmentsAppraisal of Four Seasons Hotel
Daesung IndustrialAsset revaluation of D Cube City Hotel
ELand China Jeju ResortsAppraisal of Jeju Kensington Marine Hotel
Doosan Cuvex CheilAppraisal of Ladena Golf Courses and Condominiums of Doosan Cuvex
BokwangAsset revaluation of Phoenix Park Skiing Resorts and Golf Courses
Gangwon City Development CorporationCollateral appraisal of Alpensia Resorts Skiing Park and Public Golf Courses
COCREVAppraisal of NC Department Store
Hanam Union SquareAppraisal of proprietary lease for the department store and discount warehouse units of Hanam Union Square
EMart and ShinsegaeAppraisal of lease for the department store unit of Kimhae Complex Terminals
Seoul Grand ParkApprasial of royalty calculation for the for profit authorized facilities for use
Incheon International Airport CorporationAppraisal of lease and asset value for the leased facilities within the Incheon International Airport
LOSCO PartnersCalculation of pro rated value added taxes for Wiryae New City APT
F1 HoldingCalculation of the pro rated value added taxes
Daewoo E&CCalculation of the pro rated value added taxes
Hana BankCollateral appraisal of the aircrafts located within the light weighted aircrafts of Hongik Air
J DeltaAppraisal of the aircrafts of Boeing 737-800 HL8232
STX Offshore and ShipbuildingAppraisal of the vessels of STX Offshore and Shipbuilding