Corporate Valuation

We objectively assess the values of the assets held by the corporation to provide the best information for their important decision making processes such as for enhancing their financial structures, brand values, inter corporate transactions, and mergers and acquisitions, among others. Samsung, Lotte, Shinsegae, POSCO, CJ, and Doosan Group are among the major customers we serve

Asset revaluation (IFRS)

As a result of adopting the International Financial Reporting Standards, or the IFRS, this fair valuation method applied for the corporations’ tangible and intangible assets could help anticipate enhanced financial structures following declines in the debt ratios.

Corporate valuation

Valuating the corporations’ tangible and intangible assets following the corporate mergers and acquisitions, division of business units, and transfers, among others, the corporations’ free cash flows are analyzed and discounted as the present value.

Securitized assets

In order to enhance the corporate financial structures, there are ABS and MBS, among others, to shift the less liquid assts to the more liquid assets.

Major Performance Achievements and Partnering Businesses

Name of CustomerName of Service
Samsung ElectronicsCalculation of the fair value of the LCD plant
Doosan GroupAsset revaluation for Doosan Group
Hanhwa GroupAsset revaluation for Hanhwa Group
ShinsegaeAppraisal for the transfer of the SSG Food Market
CJ Cheil JedangValuation of fair value for the PPA
Lotte ShoppingReal estate property value estimation
Lotte ChemicalAsset revaluation for Lotte Chemical
Hyundai SteelGeneral transaction valuation for tangible assets
Hyundai ChemicalValuation of the real estate properties located in Chungnam
OrionValuation of the Orion Reports's business and good will
EMartAsset revaluation for EMart
Shinhan Financial HoldingValuation of brand value for Shinhan Financial Group
Hana Bank / Korea Exchange BankAsset revaluation following the merger of Hana Bank and Korea Exchange Bank
Heungkuk Life InsuranceAsset revaluation for Heungkuk Life Insurance
Daesung IndustrialAsset revaluation for Daesung Industrial