Greetings from the CEO

The first in the industry! The largest revenue in sales! The growing company.

Founded in 1973, the First Appraisal & Consulting Company has successfully undertaken thousands of projects across asset valuation, consulting, and disclosure, among others every year, and achieved the largest revenue in sales in the industry. This continuity of success has long allowed us to accumulate tremendous know-how and information across multiple areas, further enabling us to grow at another level.


A company of reliability and confidence providing accurate, prompt, and fair services

While taking the lead in the industry based on the confidence of our customers, the First Appraisal & Consulting Company does not rest on its laurels and is constantly pursuing forward to research and achieve excellence in what we do best by extending professional services of accuracy, promptness, and fairness, thereby ensuring efficiency in our customers’ asset management and maximization of their asset values.


A company doing what it can to the best extent possible for social corporate responsibility by adhering to ethical management practices

As a professional organization well aware of the potential impact our business can originate in the society wether directly or indirectly, the First Appraisal & Consulting Company will continue to endeavor to exercise the highest rate of performance in the corporate social responsibility by adhering to the ethical management standards.


An innovative company sailing in the new times of business

The First Appraisal & Consulting Company will concentrate its resources and position its opportunities on the core competencies with the long term vision of growing into a comprehensive real estate services provider in facing the rapidly evolving external business environment including the 4th industrial revolution, thereby innovating our future across the times of uncertainties.

Thank you.


Chang, Se Chung

Chief Executive Officer
The First Appraisal & Consulting Company